Solar Flares,Earthquakes, and Atmospheric pressure

Preface: What you are about to read will be accepted science someday. We’ve all become so indoctrinated that few have the ability to think in a new and creative way or to think at all for that matter. It’s no wonder with all the distractions we have in society. I feel fortunate to have lived and been brought up in America, new Rome as I consider it, and to have tons of information shoved down my throat with a tone so absolutely certain that only a fool would even try to think that they may be able to see things in a different light. Well, I am just such a fool. The kind of fool that believes that if something feels and seems wrong, it probably is. I really never understood what was being taught in schools. I should say that I understood it but that something about the material didn’t seem right to me. It seemed that at some point you were required to leave part of yourself behind and believe things “just because” it was accepted by the population at large or by those in charge of Academia. I’m sure they were well-meaning but as it seems to me now, not very well grounded. On this particular subject I drew my inspiration from Immanuel Velikovsky.  I first started reading his work when I was younger and knew that I had found someone I could relate to. No frills or flights of fancy came from that mind, only sound scientific logic and reasoning without consideration of how others thought things should be, just a strong scientific method and matter of fact logic. I don’t have the sound mind that he had and in fact, sometimes feel that I have the known universe floating around inside me to some extent, but I think that reading his work helped pull me down to the Earth. This blog has to do with some questions he posed back in the day concerning Earth’s Atmosphere.

I’ve been giving some thought to Solar Flares,Earthquakes, and Atmospheric Pressure. It seems that there is a new form of science developing that is trying to make a connection between the activity of the Sun and Earthquake activity here on Earth. I personally have no doubt that there is a connection, but I have to question some of the theories,especially when it comes to predicting the location of these earthquakes.
My thoughts on the subject go something like this: We live on a planet that has an enormous mass which seems to be free-floating in that stuff we call space. It’s connected to other planets in a unit called the solar system that circles around the sun. I find it hard to believe that, as proposed by Einstein, that we are circling the Sun in a groove of “Space-time” much like a record needle(for those who remember these) sits in a Vinyl record groove. Supposedly, the Sun warps the fabric of Space-Time, and Gravity,along with inertia,keeps the planet in its respective orbit around the Sun. If you’re like me, there just seems to be something wrong with this theory. The problem is that none of the other theories seem to make much sense either.
Anyway, I looked on the Internet and found that Atmospheric pressure on the planet is tremendous and exerts somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5 to 5 Quintillion pounds of pressure evenly distributed around the globe. It seems almost intuitive to me that this is what keeps our planet in its nice round shape, much like the other celestial bodies that we see in the Universe. The natural inference that I draw from this, without any preconceptions or dogmatic beliefs, is that Space is made from something and that this ‘something’ exerts equal pressure in all directions. A very rough analogy of this might be something like a B-B suspended in Jello or some other Colloid.
Now, the Earth weighs 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms (6E+24 kilograms / 1.3E+25 pounds) or 6 sextillion pounds, which is much heavier than the force being exerted on it by the atmosphere. I also found this by looking it up online. 🙂 The Earth is obviously very massive and this 3.5 to 5 quintillion pounds of atmospheric pressure that acts as a buffer between us and Space must be what is holding the planet within its atmosphere, otherwise it would just drop through the bottom of the atmosphere into free space, but this isn’t the case. Supposedly, there is little to no gravity in space and therefore things in space are more or less suspended until they come within the gravity of a planet or other celestial body.  Space doesn’t actually stop at the atmosphere but instead runs throughout the atmosphere and the planets for that matter. Scientists will tell you that most of the universe is,in fact, space. Even on the level of the atom and the sub-atomic world, there is much more Space than there is anything else. What we call matter makes up only a tiny fragment of the substance of the known universe.

So, back to the point I was trying to make. My belief is that the connection between Solar Flares and Earthquakes is nothing other than atmospheric pressure. It’s atmospheric pressure that keeps this planet held together, so to speak, and the energy being released by the Sun somehow affects the atmosphere,releasing pressure on a global scale and this combined with the forces being exerted from inside the planet pushing outward is what causes or allows Earthquakes to happen along the plates. I don’t believe that the location of Earthquakes can be predicted based on the activity of the Sun’s solar flares or coronal mass ejections without taking into account the processes taking place here within the planet.

Before I get into Electro Magnetism and the makeup of the atmosphere, I want to talk about how I arrived at the conclusion that what I used to believe about the makeup of the solar system no longer makes any sense. Imagine that you’re in space looking at the planet(Earth). What you see is the planet spinning on its Electro Magnetic axis encased in the atmosphere. The planet is much heavier than the force being applied to it by the sphere of the atmosphere by a magnitude of 3. Common sense or logic says that, if nothing else, the planet should at least fall to the bottom of the atmosphere until it hits the buoyancy of space. It’s clear to me that atmospheric pressure has nothing to do with the planet holding its position. Now consider that from our perspective here on earth everything has an orientation. Those who live anywhere on the planet consider what’s above their heads to be up and the other side of the planet as down. Looking at the planet from a perspective in space we know that atmospheric pressure is being applied on the north pole as well as the south pole somewhat equally. From the spacial perspective the atmosphere on the south pole is pushing up while the atmosphere on the north pole is pushing down. On its surface this seems to intuitively point to the fact that the atmosphere is being contained by space. Standard science says that Gravity is what holds the atmosphere in place. When you consider that the Earth is travelling around the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour through space and that our Sun and solar system are moving at 490,000 miles per hour around the Galaxy, you have to assume that gravity is one strong force. Maybe it’s just me but none of this makes any sense whatsoever. If we assume that space is a force that holds the atmosphere in tact, it wouldn’t seem that we would be able to travel at the speeds at which we’re travelling through space without a distortion or stripping of the atmosphere by space, and besides, atmospheric pressure actually decreases the higher you travel away from the surface of the planet, so that rules out space as the force holding the atmosphere in place. If, in fact, gravity is holding the atmosphere in place there are some questions that need to be answered. One of these questions has to do with  Ozone known also as tri-oxygen. Ozone is a much heavier gas than some of the other gases in the lower atmosphere(Troposphere) such as Oxygen,helium,Argon, and others, and yet the Ozone layer is situated in the Stratosphere which is much higher in the atmosphere. If gravity is the primary force holding the atmosphere in place it would seem that Ozone would sink to a lower level in the atmosphere and gases like Helium would rise to the highest levels. Then there is also the consideration of the Ozone Cycle by which Oxygen(o2),Atomic Oxygen, and Ozone(o3) are inter-converted through the process of solar radiation on a daily basis which produces 400 million metric tons of Ozone per day and keeps the standard weight of planetary Ozone at around 3 billion metric tons. Common sense would say that all this weight of Ozone should sink unless the molecular structure of Ozone somehow keeps it where it is.

Twelve percent of the Ozone layer is produced daily from solar radiation and Ozone is also dimagnetic, meaning that it is repelled in the presence of a magnetic field. The issue with Ozone depletion has to do with Chlorofluorocarbons which are also called green house gases. A few of the culprits are Bromine and Chlorine which disrupt the Ozone Cycle. The Ozone hole was discovered in the late 1970’s although CFC’s have been produced since 1928. I think it’s also worth noting that the magnetic field strength has also declined approximately twelve percent over roughly the last 150 years.

I know some of the questions that plagued me when I was younger ran along these lines: Why is the sky blue? Why is there sometimes a peculiar super-clean smell in the air after a rain or hail storm? Why does it rain? Accepted science usually attributes Gravity as the answer to questions like why does it rain?  I always had that,”I and the 10,000 things are one” feeling when it came to nature, and nature was my first love without a doubt. I wanted to get to know her intimately and understand her movements. I never had enough time to follow my real and true interests in the autistic manner I wanted to.   I think anyone who spends a lot of time in nature has questions like these and others that are just written off as something unknowable. Well, I found the answer to the question of why the sky is blue years ago, and it’s simply that Oxygen scatters blue light from the spectrum better or otherwise we could have a purple sky. I also now know that Ozone is responsible for the super clean smell after a rain or hail storm, still questions remain that accepted science can’t quench for me. It seems from their perspective, I and the 10,000 things are not completely related, and the saying should be, I and the 10,000 completely separate things are not connected in any way.  Chuang Tzu would roll over in his grave, probably laughing. lol

Nature, like women, is hard to get to know. There’s what you see on the surface,what seems to be, what they want you to see,what you imagine to be true, and in the end they become nothing more than a projection of your own inner self, but God forbid that I should anthropomorphize the planet with a gender. It’s clear to me that it is unique and has its own soul outside of any anthropomorphism.  To the rational, nature must make rational sense and there is no room for any ethereal forces. To the spiritual, nature is almost entirely spiritual and very little of it actually needs to make any sense in the first place. Maybe the answer lies in the subtle forces at the atomic and sub atomic levels by using a sort of ethereal rational and intuitive logic. The intuitive has to agree with the logical to make a conclusion valid, or in other words the conclusion, no matter how valid or logical has to agree with intuition for it to be true. An analogy of this that comes to mind might be something like this: You spend an entire day mowing pastures underneath the hot Texas sun, and at the end of the day you’re covered in dirt,sweat, and grass. All the work is done and you’re worn out and scorched. A cool breeze starts to bring in rain clouds late in the day and the water washes away all the dirt and grime until you’re left with a feeling of being clean and having all the accumulated dirt and yuck washed off. The work is the rational,the dirt and grime are the logical, and not until the rain washes you clean can you see the total picture of what you’ve just accomplished combined with the feeling of truth. Truth is what’s real at the end of the day. This is what I believe when it comes to scientific method, that the logical and rational must agree with the intuitive.

When it comes to the issue of Gravity I feel like I’ve worked the fields day after day, and the rain never came. Gravity is a word that describes a noticeable phenomena, that of falling or attracting objects. Wikipedia gives this general definition: Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomena by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass. Gravitation is most familiar as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. Gravitation causes dispersed matter to coalesce, and coalesced matter to remain intact, thus accounting for the existence of the Earth, the Sun, and most of the macroscopic objects in the Universe. It seems obvious to me at this point in time that Gravity is strictly related to atmospheres. The heavier the atmosphere around a celestial body, the more Gravity it is said to have. The atmosphere here on Earth is greater than that on Mars and so is the Gravity, while other bodies in space, like moons, have little to no atmosphere and also have little to no gravity. I realize that at this point it appears to be a loose linking generalization, but the connections seem to be there none the less. When a rocket takes off from Earth and heads into space, the occupants have gravity until they reach space, and then, despite being inside a sealed capsule the gravity ceases, and the astronauts can float around inside the capsule. It’s a mystery to me, because obviously whatever causes gravity penetrates all matter, including the enviromentally controlled space craft, without affecting anything other than the so called mass of objects, but as it seems, this Gravity effect only happens within the confines of an atmosphere of gases. Even when the gases are removed by vacuum, such as in an experiment in which gravity is involved, objects inside the vacuum which is contained within an atmosphere, fall at the same rate.

Einstein proposed that the fabric of space is indented or that a gravity well is created by a celestial body such as the Sun or the Earth which warps the fabric of space so that any object near it starts to fall into the gravity well. Supposedly the Earth and other planets move around the Sun,which produces a massive gravity well, and are held in their orbits by gravity(the fact that they’re falling into the Sun’s gravity well) combined with inertia(that a body,unless acted upon by a another force will keep travelling along its given path), and this is the mechanism by which our solar system maintains its harmony. I remember the  thought I had when I heard this for the first time. The thought was that this is not possible because space is not a piece of linear fabric that the planets and the sun are sitting on, much like a bowling ball sitting in the center of a trampoline in which marbles have been sent in motion around the divit created by the bowling ball. I mean, on the surface it seems plausible. Who hasn’t been to one of the museums where you put a coin in the giant funnel and watch it circle its way down the drain, and yet, there just seemed to be something wrong with this picture. I just wanted to get up and leave class as fast as I could and go fishing at my favorite lake since it was obvious that everyone had gone insane. lol The Earth wasn’t like a fishing bobber floating on the water  and leaving a small depression that things could get caught up in and plus, bobbers are held upright by the lead weight at the end of the line that maintains a single orientation for the bobber. The Earth couldn’t be like a bobber, no way!! The cosmos and celestial mechanics had to be deeper than that. The answer had to lie down there in the deep water where you only know you have a bite when you feel a tug on the line.

Speaking of the bobber analogy and the fact that its orientation is maintained because it is tethered to a lead weight by a chord, I have to wonder what the perspective would be if the chord holding the weight were cut and the bobber were allowed to free float. For those that don’t know, the Earth is essentially a giant Di-Pole magnet, meaning that it has a positive pole and a negative pole. Just like with any magnet, if you put two north ends of magnets together they will repel each other and the same goes for the south poles. The north end of a di-pole and the south end will attract and be pulled together. I talked about earlier how our orientation on this planet depends on your perspective by saying that those who live near the south pole consider what’s above their heads to be up and those near the north pole also consider what’s above their heads to be up, although we know from the perspective in space that they both can’t be right. Which way is up? lol

First, I want to say that I’m not saying this to confuse anyone. There is a legitimate question here about the orientation of the planet. Everyone knows that we have a magnetic north pole and a magnetic south pole in which north is up and south is down …..right? No, even this is wrong. If you take a compass you’ll find that the north magnetized end of it points to what we call the north pole. The reason that it’s pointing toward the north pole is because opposite ends of a di-polar magnet attract, so if the north magnetized end of the compass needle is pointing up, guess which direction it’s pointing in? That’s right, it’s pointing south and thus the north pole is the south end of our planetary magnetic di-pole, so the question of whose right in regard to the correct orientation is now easily answerable. Those who live near what we call the south pole have the true direction of “up” above their heads, so this answers the question of convergence and divergence. Magnetism diverges from the south pole(+) and converges into the north pole(-).  The area that has been of concern in scientific circles regarding the collapse of the Ozone layer(the hole in the Ozone) is above the divergent(+) true North pole. Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it seem like we should call the true north pole and the true south pole by their real names and locations. I mean, apparently the only reason we’re calling the south pole the north pole is because the north end of a compass points to it, but that doesn’t make it the north pole, it’s still the south pole despite the fact that the north end of the compass is pointing to it. This is one small piece of a much larger picture and why this is called Oriental Philosophy.

This may seem a little confusing to some, especially those who are strongly tethered themselves in a polarized way, but there is an example of this type of phenomena that we’re used to, a mirror.

I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt in my first book called Oriental Philosophy-Time After Time, that time is not a physical phenomena. It doesn’t exist in and of itself in the universe and is only the perception of intervals based on motion. This motion is always circular and not linear. If Time existed in and of itself in a linear fashion there would be many more questions concerning it. If it were infinite, there could be no beginning or ending to time. If it is finite, then it has a beginning and most likely will have an ending, but this is absurd, seeing that we can conceive of a Time before Time in which a Time must have existed before the current Time in which we live. Time is a concept and doesn’t exist in the real world. If you take, and look at, a series of objects where one of the objects doesn’t belong , it becomes even more clear.  Here’s an example:  Matter-Atom-Neutron-Electron-Time-Proton-Quark. If you compare the previous list of items to this list of cake ingredients, you should see the difference: Sugar-Salt-Baking Powder-Food Coloring-A Boat-Egg Whites-Flour. In both of these lists, one of the things is not like the other. One of these things is not quite the same! LOL


The fabric of Space-Time now seems to be only the Fabric of Space. I’ll finish up with these analogies in a minute and get on with why I believe that Electro-Magnetic forces hold the atmosphere in place but first I want to use another fishing analogy. I said that I believe our planet isn’t like a fishing bobber on the surface of a lake, and I hold to that belief.

When it comes to our solar system the analogy may not hold true in its entirety. Just like a bobber sits on top of the water and rides the waves as they come across, it seems that our solar system is doing the same thing in regards to its journey around the Milky Way galaxy. Once again, it isn’t travelling on a linear plane but is currently riding a wave upwards toward what’s called the galactic equator or the linear plane of magnetism that comes out from the center of our galaxy. It has been said that we will be passing through this galactic equator  between now and the year 2015, though the date is not exactly known. What, if anything, will change or happen is unknown. Going into the purely hypothetical I feel that whatever is at the center of the galaxy is what phase transitions all matter back into ethereal substance or in other words, space. Our solar system is located on an inner portion of one of the arms circling the galaxy. There seems to be two of the larger forces at work in this process, namely the centrifugal force of the arms being spun in an outward direction at the edges of the galaxy and the centripetal force pulling matter to the center of the galaxy much like a tornado does. Our solar system seems to be in that zone between the two forces. It could be that in times(epochs)past, that our solar system was further out on one of the arms and thus in a weaker field of the magnetism coming from the center of the Galaxy and therefore took longer to make its trek through the wave cycle. The idea being that the wave cycle flattens out the closer you get to the galactic center because of stronger magnetism toward the center where the forces turn from centrifugal to centripetal. You would expect, if anything, that whatever the earth is going to go through as it passes through this galactic center is unknown at best, but once it passes through it should be a smoother ride until the next time it passes through the galactic plane again, although it seems that each pass would be a shorter cycle the closer you get toward the center of the galaxy. Here is an article from universe today that talks about this event:

I’m going to get back on this soon but want to wait awhile. Going to read a book by Satyendra Nath Bose(namesake of the Boson) first.


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